Coping with emotional vampires

Coping with emotional vampires

Just about each one in all us has anyone in our life whom we would really like we could trade or whom we would really like would trade; desiring them to do problems in a different way or to be different. It’s going to smartly be a md, coworker, colleague, body of workers member, good friend, family member or worse, a romantic partner. Working out that we will be able to’t change someone (aside from ourselves) is step one to inside of peace. Step two is to seize yourself and others. Step three is industry yourself. Step four is plain out of your life those folks which may well be parasites or lift you down.


A shopper of mine used to be as soon as relating to me that all of the women in his lifestyles expect him to fortify them (on many levels) then again they certainly not give a boost to him. I outlined to him that there are most efficient two forms of relationships: parasitic (one person living and feeding off the other specific individual) and symbiotic (the two other folks mutually supporting and benefitting each other.) A parasite can feed off you mentally, emotionally or energetically. I refer to these folks collectively as emotional vampires. And if you end up spherical them, likelihood is that you’ll be able to actually really feel physically tired, drained, sleepy, prone, agitated, low, small, inadequate, low spirits, hopeless, trapped or afraid. Working out the emotional vampires There are many varieties of emotional vampires:

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  • Narcissist
  • Controller
  • Victim
  • Criticizer
  • Drama queen

Please remember that I always steer clear of labeling other people, and so, the above words test with a person’s behavior and way of life. Labeling other people robs them of their power and in turn, can give them a reasons why or justification for their behavior i.e. I will be able to  have the same opinion it; I am ADD. My objective this is to help you to:

  1. Identify the best way during which folks on your lifestyles can drain you, (hold you once more, rob you of your power, confidence and possible)
  2. Understand the emotional vampires and their behavior
  3. Develop into empowered thru offering you some elementary the way to very best deal with, deal with and answer to those behaviors and other folks.

Narcissism This actual individual needs and requires constant praise and a focal point. He ignores your feelings and interests; believes that the world revolves spherical him or her, and just about always tends to turn the conversation spherical to discuss him or her.

You frequently in reality really feel invisible and stressed out to head with and praise him.

TIPS for Coping with emotional vampires


This person is very needy; frequently has a story of the best way the field has wronged him; has many injuriesand bad good fortune; wallows in self-pity and misery. You ceaselessly in reality really feel identical to the mummy or dad and therapist to him. Keep an eye on

This actual individual dictates and dominates you; he or she is rigid, sometimes amusing or spontaneous, often telling you what is best for you and the best way you will have to be living your life. You frequently in reality really feel prone and trapped spherical him. Criticizer

This person is terribly an important, condemnatory and judgmental. He puts others down frequently and easily problems out your flaws. You perpetually in point of fact really feel inadequate spherical him. Drama Queen

This person will have to be center of attention 24 hours a day; he or she is very good at getting attention and when he does now not get it or his way, he creates drama and outbursts believing that the intense emotion is a healthy connection. This person may also be passive- aggressive: in search of your approval and fascinating while he has it, then again aggressive and abusive when he doesnt get it. When you are spherical this person, you are feeling such as you may well be walking on egg shells, hiding your true feelings and the use of an emotional roller coaster. Working out the emotional vampires

All of the above behaviors stem from antagonistic tales and programming. In several words, the emotional vampires in point of fact really feel empty and are missing something and thus they turn to you to fill them up with: validation, popularity, attention, approval, love, acceptance, reassurance, private power, and so on. Without reference to how confident and assertive they are going to appear, underneath, they ceaselessly suffer from self-hatred, low vanity, feelings of inadequacy, guilt, shame and so forth. Dealing with the emotional vampires 1. Mentally and emotionally separate yourself from their behavior: I take into account that the best way during which others respond to me is about them

2. Get to the bottom of if it is conceivable to complete this dating – scale back them off from your lifestyles 3. Turn out to be acutely aware of how you are feeling spherical this person (creepy, frustrating, scared, prone, tired, trapped, shut-down, tight chest, and plenty of others) and if bad feelings get up, do your absolute best to remove yourself from the ambience as soon as conceivable (forward of the person can begin to drain or affect you) 4. Always answer with matter-of-fact tone and way; deal with your calm and composure by the use of listening then again now not allowing their words or behavior to enter you; believe an impenetrable golden mild spherical you 5. Breathe deeply faster than speaking once more 6. Remind yourself that it is their objective to get a reaction from you 7. Prohibit your interactions with them as much as conceivable – avoid socializing 8. Firmly, clearly and openly state your limits and boundaries 9. When experiencing their tantrums and outbursts, believe you are coping with a five-year earlier child 10. Particular compassion and empathy on the other hand place your limits

Tips to enhance and empower yourself The easier you are feeling about yourself, the less you’ll be able to attract or be affected by the emotional vampires, and the easier it will be to protect yourself and say no to them. In several words, assemble your vainness, clear out your stuff (doubts, insecurities, negative emotions, and so forth.) Avoid socially isolating yourself because of you are able to merely develop into hypnotized, controlled or dominated by means of the emotional vampire. Use the emotional vampires as a reflect to understand how they reflect you and why they push your buttons. For instance, I once had an in depth good friend who would frequently freak out over the smallest problems, turning them into primary dramas and screw ups. When I took the time to come to a decision why I would answer with anger, I realized that I would possibly ceaselessly do the identical issue – turn small problems into number one failures. I resented in her what I resented in myself. As I changed my behavior and trust of life, her responses had little have an effect on on me and I was able to seize how one can maintain her, calming her down while now not getting emotional myself.


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