How to repair Kingston Data Traveler 8GB USB Flash Drive

If you have a corrupted Kingston Data Traveler USB Stick Flashdisc now you are on the right spot to learn How to repair Kingston Data Traveler 8GB USB Flash Drive with an easy USB data partition handling software.Download USB repair tool and repair your flash disc.
 Kingston Data Traveler 8GB USB Flash Drive
Hi Dear Buddies , finally i will be able to provide right instructions to explanation How to repair Kingston Data Traveler 8GB USB Flash Drive .Since Kingston is the one of the most popular brands in the portable data storage area Many people preferred “Kingston ” as their USB flash disc and from time to time we get formatting issues , write protect problems and various other USB problems. Many people who has issuesin most cases throw his flash disc to a shelf corner and let it get spider networks on it 🙂 here we are to help you to try your last chance to get the data back or at least to get your usb stick recovered and to be reusable.
The Repair instrument for Kingston Data Traveler 8GB that experience SK62XX or SK66XX chip supplier , will likely be sk6211 pdt 20090828 application .Sk6211 pdt 20090828 application fortify repairing the next USB flash pressure chip controllersSK6612AB; SK6612AC/AD; SK6621AA; SK6621AB; SK6625AA; SK6618AA/AB, SK6211; SK6201AB; SK6281AA; SK6281AB; SK6288AA

Kingston Data Traveler Chip genius record

PnP Instrument ID: VID =1516   PID = 8628
Serial Quantity: 56722D674DE3
Revision: 2.10
Tool Kind: Usual USB software – Complete-Pace (USB1.1)
Chip Seller: Skymedi
Chip Section-Quantity: SK6211BBC8A  
Flash supplier : Kingston
Flash Style :Data traveler

How to repair

Very Essential Notes

The next approach will repair your flash pressure , but when we replace the firmware we will be able to lose the knowledge within the flash disk so make certain first that you just are not looking for the information recordsdata for your disk sooner than formatting .

 Kingston Data Traveler 8GB USB Flash Drive

How to repair Kingston Data Traveler 8GB USB Flash Drive
  • Obtain Sk6211 pdt 20090828 utility from the download section below. Insert your corrupted Kingston Data Traveler eight GB to your PC .
  • Open Sk6211 pdt 20090828 application , you’ll to find your flash seem on slot 1 or from (1 to eight).
  • Now click on AutoLLF to start updating your Kingston Data Traveler Firmware .
  • Wait till end formatting procedure .
  • If this device does not paintings with you , please go away a remark along with your flash chip genius file.
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Now Obtain Kingston Data Traveler 8GB Repair tool

Download Kingston Data Traveler 8GB Restoration tool

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